What you need to know about the temperatures and humidity of epoxy

Epoxy as well as other garage floor coatings are influenced by weather and can have an impact on curing times, viscosity, and adhesion. This is why temperature and humidity play an important role when applying epoxy to your garage floor and why you want to check the forecast preceding your start.
Most epoxy paint coatings can be applied in temperatures from 55 to 90 degrees, with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees considered perfect. Since coatings are exothermic and chemically cure rather than dry like paint, your working pot life shortens as the temperatures rise and lengthens if it is cooler.
Please read up on applying epoxy in cool temperatures if you are worried that it may not be warm enough to install accurately.
Single-part polyurea coatings have temperature minimums as low as 40 degrees. This is one of their advantages. Check the data sheets or call the vendor to find this information.
Humidity and dew point are important factors as well. Do not apply epoxy and other coatings if the humidity is forecast to be over 85% and/or the temperature of the substrate (concrete) is 5 degrees or less above the dew point.
A very thin film of moisture can form in these situations and have an adverse influence on how the epoxy bonds to the surface. It can also cause blushing of the epoxy as it cures. Always check with the epoxy manufacturer first as these guidelines are general in nature.
If you know that the situation  may change to put you outside these parameters, then you should delay installation.

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