What Is a DecoEssence Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating, and What Are the Benefits of Installing One?


There are so many choices today when it comes to flooring options for the commercial kitchen, that it can be hard to decide what is the best option. It’s best to prioritize what you wish to get out of a certain type of flooring option. There’s a lot of criteria that require to be assessed when choosing your kitchen flooring, including a budget, aesthetics, performance requirements, cleanability, the downtime required, etc. The noticeable winner of flooring options is epoxy coating.


Kitchen flooring can be a little bit tricky though this is something that will affect your

business on a day to day basis. With so many flooring options currently able in the market, it can be overwhelming to know which one is best for your commercial kitchen.


Some things to regard are a long-lasting material that is stain resistant, moisture resistant, and most crucially, undemanding to clean and keep. Your commercial flooring must always comply with local health requirements, so sanitation is the most crucial thing that you have to regard, and the right flooring can help make sure that your sanitary requires will be met. If your commercial kitchen is visible to your pubic clientele, then you also want to make sure to regard choosing your flooring design to be aesthetically pleasing.


When taking all this into regarding, we believe epoxy flooring is the best flooring

option for your commercial kitchen, and here are five reasons why

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