What About Other Materials of Epoxy?

The structural and bonding properties of epoxy led to its starring role in a variety of building products; most notably, paint, tile grout and epoxy flooring.

Epoxy paints are basically sold as garage floor or outdoor/patio paints. Epoxy paints for DIY users come in kits containing a can of resin and a can of hardener as well as optional additives like color flakes or non-slip grit. Once mixed, the paint goes on pretty much like standard paint; you just have to work faster and use up all the paint before it hardens. Homeowner-grade epoxy paint possesses a much lower “solids” content than commercial or industrial formulas, but it’s generally advertised as being tougher and better-adhering than standard outdoor flooring paints.

Epoxy grout is a tough, stain- and chemical-resistant grout made with epoxy resins and various fillers. It is commonly used in restaurant kitchens, hospitals and other commercial uses, but it is also finding its way into more and more homes, where it is favored as it doesn’t require periodic sealing, as standard cement-based grouts do. Epoxy grout is also less likely to wear away over time. For these reasons, it’s worth regarding for small areas that get rough treatment, like shower floors.

Epoxy floorcovering is also a commercial-grade liquid flooring material that makes a seamless, water-resistant surface, sort of like a synthetic version of a terrazzo floor. Epoxy flooring is basically installed over concrete floors and slabs but can also be poured over well-adhered tile. It is commonly used to renovate damaged tile or concrete floors in restaurant kitchens. It’s also popular for manufacturing, medical, and storage buildings. At home, you might regard an epoxy floor (which is generally a professional job) for a finished basement, a kitchen with a concrete floor or a really fancy garage.

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