Ways of applying an epoxy garage floor coating.

Learning the basics of how to apply an epoxy garage floor coating isn’t hard. A quick search on the internet will reveal a list of simple 8 step plans to get it done or an abundance of short videos to watch. They make it seem simple enough. However, the more stressful part is when you discover in the middle of the application process that you need to know more about the finer details of applying a coating. That’s when you realize that you have more questions than answers.
This DIY garage floor coating application guide is designed as one of the more comprehensive and detailed instruction manuals. We will cover in detail the application process of a multiple coat floor system that consists of an epoxy primer coat, 100% solids epoxy base coat (with or without color flakes), and a clear polyurethane, polyurea, or epoxy top coat.
In addition, we also discuss application of the newer and easier to install single-part polyurea garage floor coatings.
Our ultimate goal is to help our readers benefit from these epoxy application tips in order to achieve a successful garage floor coating that seems fantastic and doesn’t suffer from the typical problems associated with poor preparation and applicator errors. Though the steps needed might seem complex at first, when you break it down and read about the various tips, you will find that it really isn’t that complex at all — just thorough.
While the actual application of a garage floor coating can be accomplished by one person, we highly recommend using a minimum of two people. This is due to the fact that higher solids epoxy is time sensitive during the application process. Two or more installers will ease the anxiety that some people experience, it reduces the chance of errors, and it ensures that you can cover a larger part of your garage floor in a shorter amount of time.
If you are installing a DIY single coat epoxy paint kit such as those by Rust-Oleum, Quikrete, H&C, Valspar, and etc., you can still follow most of this guide. Because these are lesser expensive low solids kits, they go down much thinner and have a longer pot life that allows you to work with a roller out of a paint tray.

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