Use of Epoxy Resins in Structural Ones

Epoxy resins are of particular interest in structural composite uses as they provide:

  • Special balance of chemical and mechanical properties
  • As well as extreme processing versatility

Some of their most interesting applications are found in the aerospace and recreation industries where resins and fibers are mixed to make complex composites structures. Epoxy resins satisfy a variety of non-metallic composite designs in commercial and military aerospace uses including flooring panels, ducting, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, wings etc.

Epoxy composites are also applied to produce lightweight parts for automobiles, rails, bicycle frames, golf clubs, snowboards, racing cars and musical instruments. These uses use complex epoxy formulations which will include multiple epoxy resins with modifiers for toughness or flexibility, or flame suppression, fillers for strength, pigments for colors, curing additives that promote curing reactions.

High temperature uses can be developed by the use of higher practicality resins, which increases crosslink densities and improves thermal and chemical resistance. Epoxy resin (VII) based on tris (hydroxyl phenyl) methane is one of the crucial epoxy resins used in high performance uses. At elevated temperatures, this resin shows excellent:

  • Physical and electrical properties
  • Moisture resistance
  • Formulation stability
  • Reactivity and retention of properties

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