Urethane Cement

When you’re still unsure whether you should apply epoxy flooring to your commercial kitchen, we have one more option for you to regard: urethane cement. Like our Horizon Epoxy Floor coating, is another excellent option for commercial kitchens. Basically used at a ¼” thickness this is a heavy-duty option that may be overkill in some lighter duty commercial kitchens. This system was designed for use in food and beverage manufacturing facilities and is extremely tough and long-lasting.

The main positive point it possesses over epoxy is its ability to handle thermal shock in areas where hot liquids are coming into contact with the floor on a regular basis. Urethane cement also possess a more industrial look and a matte finish which may not be desired in all commercial kitchens.

Horizon Epoxy Floor, as a company of many years of experience in this field, has been doing the best to make the customers happy and satisfied. In case you are interested or you have any question we will be highly glad to hear from you.

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