Try a sealed and seamless surface

A commercial grow room can’t be effective if it is made of breaks and cracks, since it harbors contaminants. Bare concrete is porous, which means it absorbs and conserves liquids. So contaminants from the environment outside the grow house can leach into the space and contaminate the crop. This can be anything from insecticide, fungicide, fertilizers and other minerals, which are highly toxic for an environment in which these plants grow.
A bare floor is not capable of keeping the plant safe, especially due it’s vulnerability to Moisture Vapor Transmission. This water within the floor slab can help harbor mold and mildew which can be highly detrimental to the health of the cannabis plants.
Sometimes the saturation of water on the floor is not from water from the outside environment moving osmotically upward. It can be from the regular plant watering and the humidity kept within the grow room at all times. It’s crucial to protect the floor surface to prevent  this saturation. A well-protected floor means the water accumulated on the surface of the floor to be cleaned up afterwards.

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