The relation between Industry and Epoxy

In 2006 epoxy industry earned more than 5 billion in northern America and about 15 billion dollars all over the world. Chinese market is grown and more than 30% of global market is complicate. It is almost complicated from 50 to 100 resin epoxies and hardenings. Epoxy makers said in above are normally epoxy resins not to be sold to final consumers then epoxy producers’ group will buy raw materials of resin epoxy from major producers and then will confuse epoxy systems (Baffle, change). These companies are to be called formulation. Most epoxy systems sold by these formulators have 60% epoxy market’s dollar value. There are several ways for formulators to change epoxies with adding mineral fillers (Talk, Silica, and Alumina …) with adding flexible, Viscosity reducer, dyes, volume, and speed of adhesive and so on. These changes for lessening cost are one to improve action and easiness of process. Finally, a formulator will sell thousands types of different formula each of them made for specific require or market.