the Different Kinds of epoxy floorings for industrial saloons

Duster flooring in 1 mm thickness, people may use this kind of flooring to avert concrete’s dusts.
Compact flooring in 3 mm thickness in flat form with high strength of rubbing and powerful in front Oxidation, oil and water penetrating in concrete space- easiness in washing and possibility of floor’s decorative. (Above mentioned flooring in kinds of industries like moveable, pharmacy, food industries, sanitation industries, printing and so on is useful.)
Flooring in 3 mm thickness in form of crooked (non-slippery) prevent people and automobiles’ from slipping in oily and wet atmosphere even with smooth covering properties.
Rough and semi-rough floorings, above flooring in thickness more than 4 mm will be executed. Generally, covering  with high mechanical strength and non-scratching is the other characteristic.
Acid-proofflooring possess so high power in front of chemical corrosive elements.
Sport flooring so complicated from flexible epoxy.
another name for Anti-static flooring is Anti-spark. (Its use in Ammunition depots, telecommunication halls, computer rooms and surgery spaces in hospitals)
Epoxy concrete with thickness 20 mm will be executed and is completely strong against harsh beatings.

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