That are Reasons for choosing epoxy floors?

There are some reasons to go for epoxy flooring, as being basically seamless, hygienic properties, slip maintenance etc.

  1. Concrete Resistance: Epoxy floors are normally used in areas of industry where products are handled in specific spaces, such as production lines, warehouses, loading bays, and where compressive loads are generated by the movement of goods on trucks, pallets etc.
  2. Slip Resistance: Pedestrian traffic areas require varying degrees of slip resistance dependent on whether the environment is wet or dry.
  3. Fire Resistance: Fire escape routes, explosive production and storage areas underground car park decks.
  4. Clean: Pharmaceutical, Automotive, food, beverage, chemical and electronics industries have very demanding sanitary requirements. These industries often require totally dust free and easily cleanable floors, without cracks or angled Corners.
  5. Chemical Resistant: Epoxy floor coverings bringing an impermeable seal to protect floor from chemical harm.

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