Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating System

Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating

Warehouses require a specialised epoxy floor coating system that can withstand frequent cleaning, foot traffic and heavy vehicles such as forklifts or scissor lifts. For this reason, the epoxy flooring system for a warehouse should be hard-wearing and easily maintained. Our SEF epoxy floor coating solutions provide these benefits and can be installed around your working schedule to ensure minimal disruption.

The risks of choosing a flooring that is not suitable to a warehouse environment include; safety hazards from slips and falls, diminished aesthetics and reduced operational efficiency. SEF flooring solutions provide the ideal surface for safety, efficiency and offer fast curing/drying times.


Our epoxy coating systems offer the following benefits:

  • Dust-free surface
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Engineered to resist slips and trips
  • Will resist most acids, oils and fuel spillage
  • Will provide a bright surface for improved aesthetics
  • Easy to clean and simplified maintenance

Warehouses often endure frequent traffic from trolleys, forklifts and pallet jacks therefore you need a superior flooring option available. Epoxy coated floors will avoid concrete dusting, general wear and tear and can also provide a flooring solution that improves a warehouses aesthetics to help impress potential clients as they walk through the door.

Our epoxy coating solutions protect concrete flooring from cracks and chips in an environment where heavy shelving and machinery are frequently used. We offer a variety of colours that can be used to separate/section large warehouses to reduce confusion that can lead to accidents, especially in areas where forklifts are frequently driven.

Our Services for warehouse environments includes:

1- Concrete Sealing
2- Floor grinding and sealing
3- Joint repair works
4- High-build epoxy – concrete floor repairs
4- Epoxy coating to the floor
5- Line marking

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