Superclear Grind & Seal

SuperClear System for Concrete Floors | Grind and Seal System

Grind and Seal is the industry term for concrete which has a clear coating system and is often called polished concrete however there are significant differences between a coating system and real polished concrete ! There are also different options within the grind and seal systems in the type of products used, number of coats applied and cure periods required.

Our SuperClear has been developed to bring out natural beauty of concrete and provide an optimum protection for your floors !  We can fix and repair cracks, build ramps and seal the floor with our SuperClear system.

Our Top Coats are available in Matt , Satin or Gloss and are low VOC and environmental friendly

The Grind and Seal option is suitable for:

  1. Photo Studios
  2. Shops and Retail stores
  3. Nigh Clubs
  4. Bars
  5. Homes
  6. Patios
  7. Storage facilities
  8. Factories

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