Metallic Coating System

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating System

Tough, Glossy and Deep Looking Finish that comes in a variety of different colours

Metallic epoxy floor coatings are a hot new trend that is slowly finding its way into the market as a very high-tech and exotic looking flooring option.  These finishes create a glossy and deep looking floor with a variety of different colours and visual effects.  Some finishes will create a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of craters, ripples, and swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma.

Made of 100% solids epoxy with metallic pigments added, this self-levelling epoxy coating is designed to be manipulated to create the different visual effects. Once applied to the floor, various solvents such as denatured solvent can be used to diffuse and move around the metallic pigments in the epoxy. This is what can create the look of flowing rivers and spots of fractured looking molten metal that  sits  upon the surface of the coating.

Two-tone effects can also be created with the introduction of a second colour at the time of application.

The system is made of a base coat,  layer  of metallic effect in selected colour/s and 1 or 2 Polyurethane coating to seal the surface and protect the surface.



Correct Preparation Will Prevent Poor Performance!

Surface preparation is THE MOST important part of installing a long lasting coating. Epoxies require a sound and clean surface to bind to otherwise they will peel off and our preferred methods of preparing a concrete surface are Diamond Grinding or Shot Blasting then preparing the surface. These methods will ensure the floor will provide many years of service.


How to select the right contractor

Once you have painted your garage it will become part of your everyday life, therefore it will pay to do a few simple searches to ensure you are making the right decision in choosing the most suitable epoxy coating for your family home. We recommend completing the following checks to guarantee you are receiving the best value for money.

  1. Always research or complete background checks by doing a few simple searches online
    Read their online reviews and ensure the quality of the reviews are correct. Look at their website/project photos to see if their photos are genuine and not just taken from stock photos easily found online.
  2. Ask for any local references, then call them to check on the quality of their work and performance of their products
    The best way to check a company’s service or product is to speak directly to other customers just like you. They will always provide you the truth and will honestly tell you how their experience with the business was, without an ulterior motive.
  3. If possible, inspect one or a few of their jobs that are more than 6 months old
    Unfortunately, most jobs look the same when they are first completed and it can take about 2 – 6 months for the coating to show any signs of failure. This is a key factor in determining the quality of the floor as photos can be easily manipulated to look better online.
  4. Whilst we are all looking for ways to have projects done as cost effectively as possible you need to continuously ensure you are not sacrificing quality
    At Horizon Epoxy Floors we operate with integrity and will always deliver what has been promised without ever sacrificing quality over our own profit.
  5. Be mindful that you get what you paid for
    Some contractors tend to do anything to quote the job low, so they can secure the works, however then have to take shortcuts to ensure they are making a profit on the job; common shortcuts are   a) Poor or no preparation   b) Use of low quality or cheap imported epoxies   c) Applying thin layers   d) Not patching any cracks and holes e) Not levelling or smoothing the surface.
  6. Check their quotation to ensure the correct preparation methods are listed (insert blog link)
    Preparation is the most important key for a successful coating system, poor prep is the biggest factor in an epoxy floor system’s failure.
  7. Always ask the company what their warranty policy is
    A reasonable epoxy system should last at least 5 years before it shows any signs of wear and tear. Look at their warranty policy and cross check it with their reviews.
  8. Most products available in the market are not low VOC and cause harm to your family and our environment
    Ask for their product data sheets to know exactly what products they use.