Recycling and Bio-Based Epoxy Systems

As mentioned above, Epoxy thermosetting composites are high-performance elements with significant industrial uses. However, recycling of thermosets and their filling matters are challenging. However, significant research and development possess been done to enable recycling of thermosets, thus allowing the plastics to be broken down and reformed.

There are some new developments in epoxy thermosets which can be recycled up to some extent, but their commercial importance is not tapped fully yet.

Further, advances in bio-based thermoset resin systems have attracted significant attention given their environmental benefits. Some of the bio-sourced thermosets include:

  • Natural oil-based (soybean, linseed, castor…)
  • Isosorbide-based
  • Furan-based epoxy systems
  • Phenolic and polyphenolic epoxies
  • Epoxidized natural rubber
  • Epoxy lignin derivatives
  • Rosin-based resins


The large family of epoxy resins show some of the highest performance resins of those able at this time. Epoxies normally out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation, which leads to their almost exclusive use in aircraft components. As a laminating resin their increased adhesive properties and resistance to water degradation make these resins ideal for use in uses such as boat building. Here epoxies are widely used as a primary construction material for high-performance boats or as a secondary use to sheath a hull or replace water-degraded polyester resins and gel coats.

The term ‘epoxy’ points at a chemical group consisting of an oxygen atom bonded to two carbon atoms that are already bonded in some way. The simplest epoxy is a three-member ring structure known by the term ‘alpha-epoxy’ or ‘1,2-epoxy’. The idealized chemical structure is shown in the figure below and is the most easily identified characteristic of any more complex epoxy molecule.

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