Moisture epoxy floor

Moisture, being in the form of vapor or liquid, can be the reason of adhesion failure and/or blistering at the bond line. As liquid, water can move through the concrete slab through channels such as cracks, honeycombs or similar voids, or even expansion and control joints. To achieve proper adhesion of the polymer system, repairs must be made to eliminate this water. Moisture in the form of a vapor can travel through a concrete slab that have no protective vapor barrier between the soil and underside of the slab, or possess an existing vapor barrier that possess turn into damaged.


Vapors may also be moved through a porous slab where a substantial variation in humidity or temperature, below and above the surface of the slab, exists simultaneously. A typical concrete slab retains 3 to 5% of the migrating moisture that is always present, and generally will not affect adhesion, however, excessive amounts of moisture vapor are of critical concern. To determine if the amount of moisture vapor being emitted from the concrete is at an acceptable level for achieving adhesion of the polymer system, various testing devices for measuring the moisture content are able.

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