Metallic Epoxy in Dutton Park


Hard, Glossy and Deep Looking Finish that is available in a various colours.
Metallic epoxy floor coatings are all the rage now in Australia Dutton Park

which is penetrating the market as a state of the art and exotic looking choice of flooring.

Various colours and visual effects can be created by these polished perspective floors.

The results are eye-catching three-dimensional images giving the illusion of curves, waves, and spiraling streams of metallic-looking plasma.


The manipulability quality of this self-leveling epoxy, which comes from being entirely solid having metallic shades of colours, gives life to various visual effects. These metallic pigments can be moved around using denatured solutions after their application on the floor, which lets you entertain the illusion of twisting rivers and pieces of molten metal right on the coating surface. In case a second shade is applied, two-tone effect can also be created.

What makes our system includes:

  • An initial coat
  • A layer of metallic effect in selected tones
  • 1 or 2 protective sealing layers of Polyurethane


Malperformance could be avoided by our adequate preparation

Preparation of the surface is the sole pivotal element in initialization of a durable coating.

Correctly binding epoxies depends on a solid clean surface or they may flake off. However, our unique method of preparing a concrete surface, here in Dutton Park

are Diamond Grinding and Shot Blasting, which will guarantee many years of service for the floor.


Selecting the right contractor
it is worthwhile to find the most suitable epoxy coating in Australia Dutton Park

for your family.

To gain the best value for money, you should simply check the following items:

  1. Online checking can help. Read online profiles and review old clients have left for the contractor. Looking for genuine website and project pictures can ensure they are not scam.

Make a call to local references they introduce, especially to those living close by in Dutton Park

  1. This helps you check the quality of their work. Speaking directly to real-life clients is proved to be the best way to verify a company’s services they claim.
  2. Inspection on works of more than 6-month-old can also help. It needs between 2 to 6 months for coating to show their real look and if they have any defects.

This way you do not have worry about the fake or photoshopped images found online.

  1. Although a cost-effective offer matters, never sacrifice quality for price.

At Dutton Park,Epoxy Floors integrity and delivering what has been promised is our number one priory. We do not prioritize the quality of your work over our own profit.

  1. Pay adequate attention to receive the service you were promised for at the spoken price.
    one way some contractors use to get the project is to bid a low price, which then is followed by shortcuts and underselling just make them profit more. These may include:
  • Poor or no preparation
  • Using low quality materials
  • Applying thin layers
  • Not filling holes and fixing cracks
  • Leaving the surface rough
  1. Check if they will use correct methods of preparation, as it is the most central element of success and failure in applying epoxy coating systems.
  2. Demand a warranty policy

Five Years is a reasonable time for a successful epoxy system to last without signs of wear and tear. It is important to cross check the warranty policy with client’s reviews to see if they are real.

  1. Unfortunately, the current market suffers from lack of low VOC, which can seriously hurt both the household and the environment.
    Go through the product fact sheet to check the real product they use. Transparency is valuable for us; that is why the showroom of our finishes in Dutton Park is always open to you to come and reach an informed decision for you family.


Horizon Epoxy Floor, as a company of many years of experience in this field, has been doing the best to make the customers happy and satisfied. In case you are interested or you have any question we will be highly glad to hear from you.

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