Main Precautions Workers Should Take Into Account


Wear appropriate eye protection, non-absorbent gloves, and protective clothing when carrying any of the chemicals referred to in this INSTALLATION GUIDE. Always read and go to the supplier’s or manufacturer’s instructions, warning labels, and MSDS sheets carefully prior to using any of these products.

In case of contact with the skin, by any products provided by Horizon Epoxy Floor Corporation, immediately remove the material with soap and water, and follow all written instructions on the appropriate MSDS sheets for exposure of the material to the body and any medical emergency procedures.

Work areas should be ventilated enough, especially in low and limited spaces.

Any or all of the preparation chemicals referred to in this guide may be grouped as hazardous waste and should be handled and disposed of within appropriate local, state or federal guidelines. It is the responsibility of the user of such materials to be aware of, and comply with the appropriate regulations for discarding of any waste.

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