Insepecting the garage floor

Prior to you coating purchase, the first thing you want to do is inspect the garage floor to make sure the concrete will accept a floor coating. Epoxy will not adhere well to sealed or painted concrete.
This also includes any “cure and seal” that may have been applied to the concrete after it was poured. If you have a sealer of some type, it will have to be removed first by mechanical means such as grinding.
Notice any cracks, pitting, or spalling that is needed to be fixed. Though epoxy is self-leveling, it will not fill-in cracks. If you have extensive cracks or adjustments that need to be made, you may want to consider an optional garage floor covering such as interlocking tile or garage floor mats instead.
For newly poured concrete, you need to let it cure for a minimum of 30 days for a typical 4” thick slab before applying a coating. Curing concrete is still releasing moisture and will cause the floor coating to delaminate if installed too early

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