Industrial Environment Epoxy Floor in Brisbane

An industrial business takes places in a challenging harsh environment that requires not only hard-wearing flooring solutions but also durable ones. The epoxy floor coating we produce in Brisbane…… has industrial grade, guarantees resistance against harshest chemicals, and satisfies the Australian Flooring Standards for safety.

Epoxy Floor Painting

Epoxy coating systems are one of the highest-performing systems available in the floor coating industry. The superior features they offer include durability, longevity and relatively short curing/drying times. They are made for industrial applications demanding superior performance in an environment that is typically heavily used, and is abrasive and corrosive. Another merit of this system is that they can bond with various surfaces such as concrete, aluminum, steel, zinc and galvanized components. This is why they are a perfect match for industrial environments.

Merits this system brings to you:
Brisbane Epoxy Floors offer a range of industrial-grade epoxy coating systems specifically designed for industrial environments, which provide the following benefits:
• Superior chemical resistance
• Longevity and durability
• Easy-to-clean, low porosity surface
• Easy to maintain
• Brightening effect in factories and warehouses
• Standard-approved slip resistance
• Dust-free surface
• Excellent resistance to food industry spills including citric acids and fats


We offer the number one chemical resistant industrial floor coating worldwide, which guarantees the safety and functionality for many years in the face of heavy industrial applications.
You can be confident that your industrial floor will comply with the required standards of safety in Australia and your staff will be way from floor-related slips or falls.

An Epoxy floor coating has the added benefit of brightening up your industrial space, reducing costs additional lighting imposes and improving working conditions for employees.
Our quality flooring solutions fit best for the following applications:

• Factory and warehouse floors – including walls
• Mechanical workshops
• Aircraft hangers
• Wastewater treatment plants
• Commercial kitchens
• Abattoirs, coldrooms, and freezers
• Food manufacturing plants
• Retail outlets
• Service industry – including bars
• Offices
We offer all reputable brand of epoxy in Australian market:
• Sika Australia / SIKAFLOOR
• Parchem
• Elite Crete Systems
• Epimax
• A & I coatings
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