In Making jewelry

Like the other projects mentioned above, making the resin jewelry simply involves mixing the epoxy resin, having a series of molds to use, and experimenting with paint, glitter, and other fun bits and pieces in the molds with the resin. You’ll save a fortune by creating your own to make beautiful earrings, rings, and pendants.

As well as these at home uses, many people work with epoxy resin every day in the following fields:

Flooring- many workers who lay industrial floor coverings will be using liquid pastes, mortars, or paints containing epoxy resins.

Tiling and grouting professionals – Epoxy adhesives are used frequently by these tradespeople to bond tiles to the substrate. Many grouts also contain epoxies.

Painters- Many paints (especially those used on steel structures and bridges), contain epoxy resins in them.

Plumbers- Plumbers will often use leak-proof sealants that have epoxy resin in them.

There are many uses for epoxy resin that you probably weren’t aware of until now. And the uses for this versatile resin we’ve mentioned above are just a fraction of the ways in which it’s used on a daily basis. From DIY projects in the home to commercial and industrial uses, there are so many different ways that epoxy resin can be utilized.

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