How to prepare your garage floor for epoxy.

The single biggest reason that garage floor coatings fail is due to poor floor preparation. This is where all the hard work is at and is why it is so important to learn how to do it accordingly. Many times a good epoxy product is put to blame when actually it was the fault of adding it to a poorly prepared surface.
The second reason for failure is applicator error. This mostly occurs because many epoxy floor coating instructions are rather vague and not detailed enough. When this happens, the DIY installer is left to guess and fill in the details for him or herself. Applicator error is reduced significantly when you better understand the process of applying a floor coating or epoxy paint product.
A very important tip is to thoroughly read through the application instructions at least twice preceding the  start of  your project. If you are seeking for more information call the vendor where the product was purchased or the manufacturer of the product. Most provide toll free numbers to help with these application questions.

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