How to Choose the Right Epoxy Adhesive?

One point to regard when choosing an epoxy adhesive is the work life. This is how much time an epoxy adhesive needs to harden and dry. However, this is not to be confused with cure time, which refers to the length of time it takes for the internal chemical reactions to complete and the epoxy to reach its full strength.

A good example would be the long work life polyamide epoxy adhesive versus a metal bonding epoxy adhesive. Both are made by Infinity Bond, and both require 24 hours to turn into completely cured. However, the long work life polyamide epoxy possesses a work life of 200 to 700 minutes, while the metal bonding epoxy possess a work life of only 9 to 12 minutes.

To choose the right epoxy adhesive based on work life, simply determine the approximate length of time your job will take. You do not want your epoxy adhesive to harden and dry before your job is finished. Neither do you want your materials to shift and slide after your job is complete as your epoxy adhesive possess not dried and hardened in time.

Another factor to regard when selecting the right epoxy adhesive is the material of the substrate. Even though two-component epoxy adhesives are generally suitable for all substrates, from metal to plastic to glass and wood, special epoxy adhesives have been developed.

Some instances of special epoxy adhesives include the electrical epoxy by Infinity bond. Designed for use in electrical potting processes, this epoxy adhesive is highly resistant to shock and vibrations, and repels moisture to prevent corrosion. All of which are highly desirable properties in electrical potting.

Finally, color is also a middling factor when deciding which epoxy adhesive to choose. For highly visible jobs, the epoxy adhesive possess to blend in with the substrate for aesthetic appeal. Luckily, two-part epoxy adhesives have been developed in a variety of colors, and even come in a noticeable version for those hard-to-match colors.

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