How to apply to your garage floor?

First and foremost – always unpack and inspect all garage floor coating kits and supplies that you order well before you plan to start. More than one person has gone through the process of prepping their garage floor only to open up kits and packages on the day that they plan to apply it and find something was wrong with the order. Don’t let that person be you.
One note we want to remind you of  when it comes to the application of epoxy. Many of the videos that you can watch online showing the epoxy application process do not apply  100% solids epoxy. They are using a thinner water or solvent-based epoxy that can be rolled out of a paint tray like you are painting a wall. The video shown below is an example of this, but it still does a good job of giving you a vision of what is needed.
High solids and 100% solids commercial quality epoxy is much thicker and requires that you pour the epoxy out onto the floor immediately after mixing. It is then rolled out and back rolled as the final process. That is the method that we discuss here.

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