How to apply epoxy coating to your stem walls.

Many times questions come up about coating the stem walls of a garage. These are the raised concrete or block supporting structure that runs the perimeter of the garage floor. You can easily coat these as well; just remember to account for the additional epoxy required. Many times they don’t need much prep due to the fact that  they do not have a smooth surface like the floor.
Just pour the mixed epoxy out on the top of the stem wall (do not keep it in the bucket) and apply with a chip brush or small paint roller.
Always do the stem walls first with each coat you apply to the floor. If you plan on applying color flakes to the wall, you will have to toss them at the wall fairly aggressively in order to get them to stick perfectly. The trick is to use much smaller handfuls if you are doing a partial coverage floor.
As a tip, if you don’t feel the need to apply color flakes to the stem wall, some people elect to color match their epoxy with a simple 1-Part epoxy paint or concrete floor paint. They then use that for the stem wall without a clear coat. These are not as expensive as epoxy and very undemanding to apply. Plus, you are not walking on your stem walls so you do not have to worry about durability.

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