How Is History of Epoxy?

Epoxy resins were first introduced by Pierre Castan in Switzerland, in 1936, who synthesized the first epoxy polymer via its curing with phthalic acid anhydride. In the year of 1946, epoxy resins were first suggested commercially, at the Swiss industry fair. Nowadays, epoxy is something used in a wide array of industries, and especially for the building and construction industry. Other industries that epoxy is used in includes aerospace and aircraft uses, automotive and racing, marine, military and defense uses, and sporting uses including snowboards, skis, or hockey sticks, and even for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other manufacturing.

During the mid-20th, Dr. Sylvan Greenlee also made epoxy resins in the United States, by reacting epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A specifically. Through this, Dr. Sylvan Greenlee was capable to make one of the most widely used forms of epoxy today, known as DGEBA or BADGE. This form of epoxy is in fact the most popular commercialized resin of its type in our age. Epoxy can also help with mold usages and almost any composite part.

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