How Is Epoxy Etymologically Defined?

The word epoxy possesses cachet, sort of like turbo. It’s one of those phrases that seems to have inherent “specialness.” A paint that’s “long-lasting” or “weather-resistant” sounds good, but epoxy paint? That sounds truly serious. And for the most part, epoxy products have earned this reputation. Epoxy adhesive is the glue you turn to when nothing else will hold. Epoxy grout is the only standard tile grout that doesn’t require to be sealed, ever. Epoxy paint is tough enough for garage floors.

The thing that gives epoxy its turbo-ness is that it cures, or hardens, through chemical reaction, rather than drying, the way most glues and paints do. The result is a hardened resin material that sticks like the dickens and is resistant to heat, chemicals, solvents, shrinkage and impact. It’s also somewhat flexible, which only makes it stronger.

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