How Does It Work?

More precisely, epoxy resin is offspring of the chemical reaction known as curing. It is the chemical process with chemicals together with epoxides, knowing as curing agents, or hardeners. The hardening mechanism is made through the cross-linking of polymer chains. This result of curing is what makes epoxy thermoset polymers, which hold distinct resistance, durability, versatility, and adhesion. Epoxy curing is started through heat and high temperatures. In other words, epoxy is a thermosetting material. If the surrounding temperature is not enough to make the curing process, then curing will not happen. Epoxy cannot be uncured once it has been cured.

There are various forms of epoxy resins that have the capability of being mixed together, depending on an individual’s desired outcome. A more customized solution of epoxy can be made through the mixing of plasticisers, fillers, or additives. These additives are used in order to adjust the final properties for individual uses.

Epoxy works as an adhesive that made a strong and enduring floor, capable to bear different circumstances and capable to protect the floor’s existing surface, through epoxy floor coating.

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