Garage Epoxy Floor in Fortitude Valley

We are the leading garage floor epoxy coating company in Fortitude Valley, where we have always strived for upholding our reputation for high quality epoxy floor finishes.
We have succeeded to provide the highest performing, environmentally-friendly epoxy solutions at reasonable rates for house garage floors thanks to our continuous investment in machinery and training of our staff.
Since garage flooring is meant to tolerate heavy usage, we have developed an easy to clean epoxy floor coating that allows durability against abrasion and needs low maintenance.
Also, the security in your garage is guaranteed for long years by use of the non-slip feature.
Installation of Epoxy Coating Systems to Your Garage Floor brings you the following merits:
⦁ A pleasant atmosphere for the household
⦁ Installable directly on concrete surfaces
⦁ Non-slip, anti-fall
⦁ Low rates despite high durability
⦁ Hygienic and easy to maintain
⦁ Chemical and scratch-proof
⦁ UV, heat and water-resistant
⦁ More than 15 years of consistent performance in the residential environment
⦁ Protective against cracks, moisture, grease, and stains in the underlying concrete
⦁ Available in a variety of individualized colours and finishes
When damage to your floor is possible due to various uses, an epoxy coating is best to protect the area. It has anti-wear features that makes the coating resist against bleach, petrol, oil, transmission fluids, detergents. Also, since the coating is resistant against water and temperature, longevity is a guaranteed feature.
Preparation of a garage floor
Preparation is central to a successful installation!
We assure a dust- free experience when installing your floor. This is an exclusive feature of our state of the art industrial-grade floor installation equipment including diamond grinding machines and industrial dust extractors used in our trucks.Filling of all the concrete cracks is done with high-build epoxy fillers. In addition, the floor will be vacuum-cleaned before the coating is applied.

Available Colour Options
a variety of colours or patterns are available for our garage epoxy coating, which deliver perfect, seamless, and shiny finishes, which are offered in both traditional patterns and personalized ones. Everyone’s liking is considered when using our exclusive novel samples of ornamental layers
Cost-Effective and Durable
Solid Colour Epoxy For Your Garage Floor
⦁ Cost-Effective and Durable
Our system is made from:
⦁ 1 coat of 100% solids premium grade primer with low viscosity
⦁ 1 coat of 100% solids premium grade epoxy resin, coming in a range of colours from Sika Australia’s Colours Chart.
⦁ The roll coat finish satisfies R9 slip rating. More anti-slip versions are available on demand.
An optional layer of Polyurethane coating can be applied to the floor to provide UV Resistance and extra protection.
In order to provide UV resistance and additional preservation, a layer of Polyurethane coating can be optionally applied to the floor.
your garage floor will be mostly finished in maximum 48 hours, after which light-foot traffic is permitted. After another 3 days (72 hours) heavy traffic is possible, as well.
An optional coat of non-yellowing polyurethane coating can be applied to the surface, providing UV-Stable protection to the colour of your garage floor.
A layer of non-yellowing polyurethane coating can be optionally used over the surface, in order for UV-Stable protection to the colour of your garage floor to be provided.
This system has a warranty of 5 year for you. This type of coating is expected to last for up to a decade if maintained regularly.
Epoxy Flake Flooring
⦁ Extreme Durability,
⦁ Non-slip,
⦁ Ornamental
⦁ easy to clean and maintain.
The finish is odorless and is available in 20 custom made patterns exclusive to Brisbane Epoxy Floors.
Our HORIZON EPOXY FLOORS Premium Seamless Flake system is made from:
⦁ 1 primer coat of 100% solids premium grade epoxy resin (Squeegee applicable)
⦁ entire flake broadcast covering the wet film
⦁ 1 coat of our HORIZON EPOXY FLOORS SuperClear.
The finish has no scent and comes in 20 personalized made patterns exclusively available in Fortitude Valley Epoxy Floors.

Horizon Epoxy Floor, as a company of many years of experience in this field, has been doing the best to make the customers happy and satisfied. In case you are interested or you have any question we will be highly glad to hear from you.Sales Department:Tel: 1300881566