Epoxy Thin sets

There is a variety of epoxy-based thinsets on the market today for use in installations where a tile requires to be attached to a metal surface. As a general rule, they come in two types: a pre-mixed epoxy thinset in a sealed container and a two-part thinset where the resin and hardener come in separate containers that must be mixed before use.

Epoxy thinsets have an extremely short working life. Once a container is opened or the two-part mixture is mixed, you have only from 30 to 45 minutes before the epoxy turns into too hard to work with. In addition, there are rapid-set types that set up in eight to 10 minutes. Be aware of your installation area before working with epoxy thinset to avoid wasting product.

Any epoxy-based thinset can be purchased at your local flooring store or home improvement store along with the flooring materials.

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