Epoxy Resins versus Polyester Resins


  • Extremely powerful and great flexural Strength
  • The hardener and the temperature determine epoxy resin cure time
  • Resistant to wear, cracking, peeling, corrosion and harm from chemical and environmental degradation
  • Possess a bonding strength of up to 2,000 psi
  • Epoxy is moisture resistant after curing
  • Brittle and prone to micro-cracking
  • Generally, costs slightly less than epoxy resin
  • Off-gases VOCs and possess strong, flammable fumes
  • Bonding strength of polyester resin is generally less than 500 psi
  • Once cured, polyester resin is water permeable, meaning water can pass through it suddenly


Overall, Epoxy resins show performance positive points over polyester and vinyl esters in five major areas:

  • Better adhesive features (the ability to bond to the reinforcement or core)
  • Superior mechanical properties (particularly strength and stiffness)
  • Improved resistance to fatigue and micro cracking
  • Reduced degradation from water ingress (diminution of properties due to water penetration)
  • Increased resistance to osmosis (surface degradation due to water permeability)

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