Epoxy Floor Coating Using Process?

The epoxy floor coating use process is crucial for being sure about the correct use of epoxy floor coating. The use of epoxy floor coating is consisted of the use of various layers. These include the priming layer possesses, the body coat layer possesses, and the top coat layer possesses. This makes a floor thicker and more durable than a floor that possess only one of two coats of paint.

During the epoxy floor coating use process, the first thing to be make sure is that the floor concrete is grinded and that it is in good condition. The floor’s surface must be made ready, so that it can accept the new coat of epoxy coating on its top. Preparation includes the omission of dust particles, grinding, shot blasting and scarifying. The next step is the priming process. During priming it is inevitable that the primer makes its way deep into the floor, making sure that it is in a good condition for use.

After the priming phase, the next step consists of filling in all of the floor’s visible holes and cracks, with epoxy. This is the use of the first coat in the epoxy layer system. Following this use, the floor must be slightly grinded, sanded, and re-layered. In order to check sealant, a compacted amount of water may be applied onto the floor. If the water is not soaked in, then it is very likely that the floor is not yet proper and ready for the epoxy floor coating use. During the second epoxy coating phase, the epoxy resin is mixed together with the epoxy hardener products, making sure that the entire component is emptied out. Once again, all

visible dust must be put away, to achieve the appropriate final finish.

It is crucial to note that epoxy resin is based on heat and chemical reactions; however, epoxy resin is willing to be significantly steady at room temperature. The curing process is only started when the epoxy resin makes a reaction with another curing agent.

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