Combining your epoxy coating

These epoxy mixing instructions apply to each coat that you will be applying to your garage floor. Always consult with the manufacturer’s instructions first.
In addition, we include general mixing instructions for single-part polyurea below.
Before you start, lay a tarp or large piece of cardboard down on your driveway just in front of the garage to establish your mixing work area. It’s a good have to place the edge of the tarp near the edge of the garage floor to ensure nothing is spilled on the driveway.
Ensure all the tools, supplies, and cleaning goods that you will need are laid out and available. Now is a good time to put on the latex gloves and spiked shoes if needed.
The colored resin for epoxy (typically part-A) tends to settle. To ensure proper color, it’s important to mix the colored resin first in its respective container. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the container with your paint stick to get all the colored tint that has settled. Be careful. Never introduce any residue from part-A to part-B or vice versa. You will start the chemical reaction if you do.
If the size of your floor needs using more than one kit per coating, it is recommended to batch mix. This is done by first pouring all containers of the part-A colored resin together in one bucket to mix. This will ensure that you get even color uniformity for each kit you need to mix.
Now that you are ready, start by pouring the part-B hardener from one kit into a 3 – 5 gallon mixing bucket first, followed by the part-A resin. The part-B hardener is lower in weight and viscosity than the more sticky part-A resin and will flow up and around the sides of the bucket as the part-A is poured in. This greatly reduces the inconvenience of separating the sticky part-A from the sides and bottom of the bucket as you are mixing.

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