Chemistry of Epoxy: The Basic

Epoxy products used around the home are based on epoxy resins, which are known by chemists as epoxides or polyiodides. These are polymers (or prepolymers) that can be cross-linked with various curatives or hardening agents to make a solid material. For those of us who aren’t chemists, epoxy is basically a synthetic liquid that comes in two parts—a resin and a hardener. When you mix the two together, they harden into a tough plastic with excellent adhesive properties. In addition to being used in glues, epoxy resins are blended in countless ways with various additives for specific performance characteristics. They are used in many industrial uses, from special coatings to electronics to electrical materials (epoxy is a good electrical insulator).

As epoxy cures through chemical reaction, household epoxy products must be mixed just before the use. There’s no such thing as “pre-mixed” epoxy. Once mixed, the resin begins to set up fast, giving you limited time to work with the material before it hardens, usually for good. This property makes epoxy products a bit trickier to handle than their air-drying counterparts. It also means you can’t save any leftover mixed epoxy for future use, unless you want to use a chunk of dried epoxy for a paperweight or a doorstop.

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