Anti-Slip Epoxy for Commercial Kitchens in Drewvale


In food preparation atmospheres, namely commercial kitchens, Epoxy Floor Coatings are of significance as the flooring has a decisive effect an entire facility. Our floor coating solutions for commercial kitchens are of the highest standards and help to meet industry guidelines for good hygiene practice. These Epoxy Coatings are also production-efficient, lasting and thick enough to create a preservative layer.

Food industry floors have typically exposure to contaminants causing serious damage to concrete due to their corrosive nature. Further, these types of impurities can penetrate un-coated concrete surfaces giving rise to the growth of bacteria and thus degrade processed food’s purity. Here in Drewvale we provide a seamless, impermeable barrier that is easy to clean ensuring a hygienic surface that is secure to step on.

With quick turnaround systems, we choose nonworking hours in Drewvale and weekends to work for you in order to minimize disruption to your normal business activities. Our experts are prepared to give concentrated personalized services with the most reasonable rate in the market. Although are fully prepared for small tasks, at the same time we are fully able to implement massive projects.

Honestly and integrity is the basis of our business where we commit ourselves to provide the perfect best concrete resurfacing services available in Drewvale.

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Useful tips and FAQ:
What options for commercial kitchen floor coating do you offer?
100% solids epoxies can work; however, for commercial kitchens Poly-Cement finishes are a better option by a big margin.
2- What is the difference between the two?
application of epoxies cost less whereas Poly-cement finishes are more costly.
for epoxies DIY or handyman’s using rollers are usually applied; however, Poly-Cement must be applied with trowel used by trained applicators.

Epoxies that are applied correctly last for 3-7 years, while a Poly-cement finish can last up to 15 years.
Contractors use specialized sand to increase an epoxy’s thickness and bulk it up. The problem is that too much sand will lower the quality of the finish, resulting in signs of wear in high traffic areas after a while.

3- What is the cost difference?
The cost will depend on different variables such as:

  • area size
  • condition of the floor
  • required preparation and thickness of the coating system.

for example, a 2mm epoxy system can be applied for about $80.00 per SQM, on floors over 60 SQM, while a Poly-Cement system will generally be 30% – 40% more expensive to apply

4- What product we would recommend to be used on our jobs in Drewvale?
We would recommend to use Sika Australia’s floor coating products (Sikafloor)

5- Why my epoxy floor is failing?
Unfortunately, most jobs look the same when they are first completed, but only after 2 – 6 months, the coating will show signs of failure. There are numerous reasons why an epoxy floor coating may be failing and, whilst each case is different, here are a few of the common issues that we face on day to day basis:

  • success of a coating system well depends on preparation as the central requirement; obviously poor preparation is the main factor causing an epoxy floor to fail.
  • Bad news is that some contractors tend to quote the job as low as possible just to secure the works, and then take shortcuts to make sure they make a profit on the job.

Common shortcuts are

  1. a) Poor or no preparation
  2. b) Use of low-quality epoxies
  3. c) Applying thin layers
  4. d) adding excessive amount of sand or fillers to bulk up the epoxy to make it more economical

Moisture is another significant factor – since epoxies have very little tolerance for moisture, they will lift in case of hydrostatic pressure. Therefore, for Coolrooms and adjacent rooms, we recommend a Poly-Cement coating as a much better option.

6- How to select the right contractor
Online checking can help. Read online profiles and review old clients have left for the contractor. Looking for genuine website and project pictures can ensure they are not scam.
Make a call to local references they introduce, especially to those living close by in Drewvale… . This helps you check the quality of their work. Speaking directly to real-life clients is proved to be the best way to verify a company’s services they claim.


Inspection on works of more than 6-month-old can also help. It needs between 2 to 6 months for coating to show their real look and if they have any defects.


Request an actual sample to be installed on your floor for 4 weeks before deciding if you want to continue as these systems are lasting and ensure you are getting what you want.

Although a cost-effective offer matters, never sacrifice quality for price.

At Drewvale Epoxy Floors integrity and delivering what has been promised is our number one priory. We do not prioritize the quality of your work over our own profit.

Horizon Epoxy Floor, as a company of many years of experience in this field, has been doing the best to make the customers happy and satisfied. In case you are interested or you have any question we will be highly glad to hear from you.

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