About Efflorescence due to moisture in the concrete

Efflorescence can also form due to the concrete collecting moisture at the surface from condensation. Also known as concrete sweating, it is most prevalent during humid periods of the year. Efflorescence from condensation will not influence a garage floor coating once it is removed well before the application of epoxy.
If there are visible signs of moisture you will want to conduct a calcium chloride test to see if your garage floor will qualify for an epoxy coating. Most commercial epoxy products can withstand up to 4 lbs of moisture flow per 1000ft² per 24 hours. Always consult with the epoxy manufacturer or vendor first with the results of your calcium chloride test if you have moisture issues.
Even if the garage floor looks dry, moisture could be evaporating off the surface quicker than it can form and not be visible to the naked eye. At the minimum, you want to do the plastic sheet test if the concrete doesn’t show any visible signs of moisture.

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